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Stream Una kang naging akin online HD instantly right now. This nice movie was directed by Laurice Guillen and has duration for about ?. Also played by great actors/actresses such as . The movie was released in 1991 by unknown studio. To begin watching/streaming go to Links section on the bottom and click one of available channel.

Nicolas Soriano Adriano III and Vanessa Yumol are Manila's couple of the century. Nick comes from a prominent family and Vanessa is a Manila socialite who loves the arts, and they are engaged to be married. Tragedy strikes when the chopper Nick is in crashes and burns in the jungles of Palawan. Authorities find what remains of the chopper and burnt bodies and declares that there are no survivors. Unbeknownst to all who know him, Nick has survived the crash and is found by a family of indigenous people who takes him in and takes care of him. When his wounds are healed, they lead him to the nearest dirt road where he catches a bus ride to the rural city of Puerto Princesa. There he meets Dr. Mallari, a marine biologist, when he helps Dr. Mallari recover his bag from a thief. Dr. Mallari takes Nick to his home and introduces him as Darwin Salvador to his older sister the unmarried Tita Agnes and daughter the artist Diosa. Nick a.k.a. Darwin settles in a little hut he builds near the ...


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Movie Information
TitleUna kang naging akin
GenresDrama, Romance
DirectorLaurice Guillen